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XpExtend is a computer security company located in Austin, Texas, USA

Austin is located in Silicon Hills of Texas at the foot of the Highland Lakes. Austin is known for its enterprising entrepreneurs from technology leaders as Michael Dell to local food and beverage innovators such as John Mackey of Whole Foods. Home to pioneering musicians such as the 13 Floor Elevators, Willie Nelson, and Stevie Ray Vaughn, Austin is one of the major centers for live music in the United States.

Austin is a perfect location for a computer company. The city retains a thriving base software and security programmers. A number of computer and network security companies are located in Austin.

About the Founder


Trey Lykes

Founder & Inventor

Trey Lykes founded XpExtend with the proposition that Microsoft XP could still remain secure even if Microsoft was no longer repairing the walls.

Trey is an accomplished programmer. He learned to program in his early teens, and he has not stopped yet. He spent his early career with TippingPoint (now HP) learning the security ropes. TippingPoint, one of Austin's premier security vendors, pioneered the concept of Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS). After leaving TippingPoint, Trey spent time away from Austin with other premier security outfits solving some of the most critical global computer security problems. He returned to Austin with the intention of building a solution for the imminent loss of Microsoft support for Windows XP. Now, two years later, he has perfected his solution with XpExtend. He and his Texas-based team are dedicated to maintaining the secure walls around Windows XP.



Trey is backed by an experienced team of executives and support staff. The executive team has significant experience with companies such as Compaq Computer, LifeLock, and other computer security companies. The support team is an accomplished team with experience in PC technology and computer security. We can even help with other aspects of your PC offering a full range of PC support and security tools. We are standing by seven days a week from 7AM - 12 midnight central time.